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Arroworthy Rembrandt Beavertail Paint Brushes

Over the years as a specialist furniture painter I have used various manufacturers brushes, from Hamiltons’s to Purdy.

All of these are good, but the application of paint, always felt a bit scratchy when applying paints as the bristles seem a bit hard.

I have recently come across a company called Arroworthy Brushes and tried a couple of the 2 & 2.5 inch brushes for from there Rembrandt Beavertail range. My verdict of these brushes are brilliant, they have a soft synthetic bristle, and when applying oil-based paints the brush marks are minimal, the flow of the paint goes on fantastic, and leaves my furniture finish like glass.

The texture of the brush you use can also play a part in how streaky your paint becomes. A softer synthetic brush is better to use when you want to get a smooth look when painting furniture or, it should be softer than a hog hair but still firm enough to get a good stroke.

My technique is to make sure the brush is fully loaded with paint. A bare brush swiped over wet paint will leave streaks. A brush that isn’t fully loaded will do the same. I fully load my brush with paint but not right up to the ferrule (the metal part that holds the bristles together). Getting paint into the ferrule can cause your bristles to separate over time.
If your paint is thick or a little clumpy, it will affect the finish. I slightly add some white spirit to thin paint out and swipe my loaded brush on the side of the paint kettle to get a smooth gradient of paint. Also, applying more layers of thin paint can minimise brush strokes and give you a spray like finish.

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