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Condition of existing walls and ceilings, lined or unlined

When you are thinking of decorating any room or a staircase in your home, please be aware that if your decorator gives you advice on walls or ceiling that have previously been lined, you may incur a problem on the surface beneath.

Clients should note the following

Unless specifically mentioned, no provision would be made for the repair of plastering beneath papered walls or ceiling surfaces, as it is assumed that such plastering is in good condition, and is suitable to take treatment specified. Similarly, the costs of the repairs and renewals of any defects, which are not visible at the time of estimating, will be chargeable, unless allowance for such items is agreed.

If walls or ceilings have been previously lined/papered your decorator will not be held responsible, should the paper, bubble or un-glue itself, and not go back, from walls or ceilings.


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