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Farrow and Ball Paints – How Light Affects Colour

East & West Facing Rooms

It is useful to consider whether you’ll use an east or west-facing room more in the morning or the afternoon so that you can tailor your colour choice to the type of light you will most often experience. Light in west-facing spaces is cooler in the morning then filled with dramatic light in the afternoon, while east-facing rooms are bright in the morning and cooler in the afternoon.

West Facing Rooms

White walls are natural light reflectors and will flatter any colour of furnishing, which is often why we choose neutrals for our homes, but white will really enhance both natural and artificial light in West facing rooms. Try Wimborne White or Pointing for an airy feel. Even the greyer neutrals such as Slipper Satin and Ammonite should retain a feeling of light – although the colour will change from morning to evening – cooler earlier and warmer later.

East Facing Rooms

Artificial Light

Just like natural light, artificial lighting can affect how colours appear. Halogen and incandescent bulbs emit yellow light, which makes wall colours appear warmer, while cool white bulbs tend to give off a bluer light, giving paint a cooler cast. For the truest representation of your chosen wall colour, you may want to try a neutral white bulb, which most accurately replicates daylight.

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