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Oil Based Paint V’s Water Based Paint: What’s the difference?

I find a lot of customers looking at having there furniture of kitchen units painted seem to believe that water based paints are better to apply, than oil based paints.

My experience as a professional specialist furniture painter, is that water based paints are not ideal for furniture or kitchen units

Let me explain firstly water based paints are not as durable as oil-based paint. Oil-based paints can achieve a higher sheen level when applied due to the makeup of the paint; however, the sheen does become duller over time. While water-based paints achieve a lower sheen finish, and becomes difficult when cleaning is required to a painted surface.

When referring to whether paint is oil or water based, we are actually talking about the type of solvent used in the paint, which is the liquid component of the paint that evaporates as the paint dries. Oil-based paints (often incorrectly referred to as enamel) use an organic solvent in the makeup of the paint which is typically mineral turpentine. As the name suggests, the solvent used in a water-based paint (also known as acrylic paints) is almost all water.

My verdict – is oil-based paints every time!

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