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Painting Furniture or Kitchen units

Painting kitchen cabinets and other kitchen furniture may look super simple on Instagram, Pinterest and those other greats sites that encourage us to make these changes, but is it?.

We imagine that a few coats of new colour will spruce up our kitchen in no time and all we need to do is stand back, take a selfie with our paintbrush and post a picture alongside all the others. In reality though, painting kitchen cabinets and furniture is a project that definitely has many potential pitfalls.

So, before we embark on what’s considered a simple task anyone can do, let’s explain the entire process.

Firstly, the most important ‘not to do’… Don’t just jump right in: If you’ve just popped open a fresh tin of your favourite paint colour and envisage slapping it on and Voila! Hold that thought (and brush) just for a moment
and read on.

What to Do

  1. Clean down all surfaces with sugar soap
  2. Lightly sand down surface/area’s with a fine-grit sandpaper
  3. Clean of dust debris with a lint-free cloth or tack rag
  4. Prime all surfaces with an adhesion primer such Bas Zinsser or Otex primer
  5. Once dry, apply two coats of undercoat
  6. Lightly sanding down between coats, tack rag off the dust
  7. Finally, apply one coat of eggshell or satin finish

So we now understand to do this correctly, it’s a pretty labour-intensive task. However, it’s also important to consider that if you want that ultra-smooth factory finish, the above steps are just part of the process. The ultra-smooth finish also depends on many techniques, which, like any skill, can only be perfected through dedicated experience. For instance, would you consider painting the back of the kitchen doors first instead of the front? Why? Because if you flip the door and there is even the slightest of paint smudges (even ones not easily visible), it will at least face the inside of the cabinet.

Our entire process is a 4-coat paint system, guaranteed to achieve the factory finish you desire. The pristine finish achieved will last for years.

So if you are thinking of having your furniture or kitchen units painted, bear in mind, the cost may initially sound high, but some extensive labour will need to be put in to get a professional finish and a modern look.

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