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Hand-Painted Sideboard

Location: Bury St Edmunds

There is so much craftsmanship in period furniture from all ages. These items were built in a time when things were meant to last and endure continual use. Unlike some of the pieces of furniture you can buy today, they have and will continue to stand the test of time.

So often, people consider changing them because they just don’t ‘fit in’ with the current look or feel of a home. This is where hand painting furniture comes into its own and breaths a new lease of life into items that might previously have looked a little out of place.

This sideboard was recently painted for our client in Bury St Edmunds using the Farrow and Ball colour, London Stone. The transformation speaks for itself.

In an age of mass production, we are proud to be hand-painting furniture right here in Essex and keeping handcrafting techniques alive.

Should you have a piece of furniture that needs and deserves a modern, fresh look, contact the experts in hand-painting furniture today. Free advice and a free quotation are waiting for you.

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