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So why do Painters wear white?

Why the White Uniform? This is a question we are asked frequently.

There are some different theories as to where this “uniform” for painters originated. The story we generally stick to when asked may not be 100% factual but it sure sounds good and people seem to buy it!

Legend has it that back in the late 19th century, union painters adopted the all white uniform to set themselves apart from the non-union painters. This became their symbol of professionalism and they often added a black bow tie just to enhance the professional look.

At the end of the day if the painter came off a job with little paint on their clothing, it would suggest that they were highly skilled. Oddly enough, this same theory has shifted today. When you see a painter with several colours on their whites it suggests a seasoned veteran of the trade. Nowadays if you see a painter in a perfectly white uniform it usually means it’s his very first day on the job.

It Just Makes Sense

Regardless of where the uniform was derived from we can give you some reasons it is preferred within the ranks of the Men In White Painting Crew.

    • We deal with a lot of white paint and drywall repair dust. We would look far worse leaving those jobs if we were in dark clothing.
    • It often gives the impression of cleanliness and purity. Two qualities that everyone should welcome in their homes.
    • While working outside on those exterior jobs white clothing is the coolest option available.
    • When one sees men dressed in all white they immediately become more aware of their surroundings and where they touch. This uniform may have prevented many a wet thumb!
    • While working on heavily populated construction sites we are never mistaken for carpenters or plumbers.
    • Because painters just wear white and it’s what is available to us at the painters supply retailers. While we like to always stay ahead of the game…we are totally fine with status quo on this issue.
    • The most important reason the painters at Men In White Painting wear it is…we’ve spent far too much money branding ourselves and to have them wear anything else would be false advertising really.

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