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Successful Painting and Decorating By RM Decor Solutions

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Successful Painting and Decorating By RM Decor Solutions

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Decorators make it look so easy

Do you ever wonder how decorators make painting a house look easy?

Well it’s not as easy as you think.

Most “normal” people (?) take painters and decorators for granted, it could be suggested, after all, how difficult can it be to stick a brush into a pot of paint and rub it on to a wall?

Well, actually if you have ever watched a professional decorator at work, you may be surprised it is not an easy as they make it look. As professional decorators ourselves, we often get called out to quote to put right DIY disasters or poor quality work when someone who called themselves a decorator actually made a bodge up of the work, often because the home owner chose the very cheapest quote and now regrets it.

Get the job done properly

Why would a decorator bodge a painting job?

Well we live in a world where more or less anyone can call themselves a decorator, from off duty fireman and milkmen, to people on the dole. Picking up a set of brushes and overalls from B&Q and here we have it a decorator I think NOT. A good decorator would have served a at least a 3 / 4 year apprenticeship and of course the more time served the more experienced and qualified they will be. Experience is paramount in this industry; I myself have 42 years to date.

Well, very few of these part timers are any good, although of course there are exceptions to the rule, but if you want your home painted properly, (and bear in mind your house could easily be worth between £200,000 and £900,000), you …er…. really do need to dip into your pocket and get it done properly!

I mean, with all due respect to hard-pressed families, what is the point of being a skinflint and choosing the cheapest cash quote? If your budget can stretch to hiring a painter, check them out thoroughly and bear in mind that the most expensive quote you may receive, may actually not mean it is the BEST quote or estimate!


In addition, as we said above, we get called out by embarrassed and well meaning DIY’ers as they attempted to paint their pebbledash, thinking it would be oh so easy, and then quickly realised decorating wasn’t as easy as he thought, and made a dogs dinner of the exterior walls!

We don’t mind and we are always very sympathetic, after all everyone needs to save a bit of money here and there nowadays but cutting costs on home improvements will come back and bite you one day I assure you!

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