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Why is the paint on my wall crackling?

It can be so disappointing if you’ve spent hours redecorating only to find the paint later starts crackling.

Cracking paint is caused when a dry layer of paint splits away from one or more coats of paint below. As paint ‘tightens’ as it drys, it’s important that all the previous layers of paint have had ample time to complete the drying process. Add a new layer of paint too soon – a rush job – and you could easily see crackling appear. Also, if the surface you are applying the paint to is damp or the room you are working in has high humidity, you could also see crackling of your paint finish.

This is why preparation is paramount and the services of a professional painter and decorator are worth their weight in gold.

An important tip is to always check the surfaces you will be painting and never try to paint over an unstable finish.

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