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Why you shouldn’t go for the cheapest quote

Your home needs painting and decorating and it is time to call in the experts, but you have no idea as to which officer to pick.

So you invite different companies round to give you quotes and then you are really confused, as the quotes that you receive are very different in cost, layout and information.

How do you know which is the best one to go for?
And why don’t you just go with the cheapest?

When deciding on a quotation, the first thing to make sure of is that each of them is offering the same level of service and materials. You should always ask for a detailed quote that states what is actually going to be done, how it is going to be achieved and which brand of products will be used. This will then allow you to make a true comparison and make an informed decision. Although you will also want to know something about the kind of knowledge that your potential decorator possesses.

So, if you are having wallpaper, did the decorator explain about cross lining and the benefits of having this done? This is not looking for extra work but an essential part of the job if you want your wallpaper to look good. Think about how much wallpaper paper can cost and how much time you have spent looking for the perfect paper. Do you really want to be left disappointed by the finished result due to your decorator cutting corners?

Always ask for references and ask the decorator to get permission for you to call his recent clients.

“A really good decorator can transform an unattractive house, while a bad decorator can ruin a lovely one. This is the one area where people think they can cut costs – often with disastrous results!” Think before you choose.

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