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Why you shouldn’t go for the cheapest quote

Your home needs painting and decorating and it is time to call in the experts, but you have no idea as to which officer to pick. So you invite different companies round to give you quotes and then you are really confused, as the quotes that you receive are very different in cost, layout and…

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So why do Painters wear white?

Why the White Uniform? This is a question we are asked frequently. There are some different theories as to where this “uniform” for painters originated. The story we generally stick to when asked may not be 100% factual but it sure sounds good and people seem to buy it! Legend has it that back in…

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Wallpaper Hangers in Essex

RM Decor Wallpaper Hangers based in Brentwood Essex are specialists in wallpapering. We offer services of removing existing wallpaper and installing lining and new wallpaper to walls and ceilings. Walls and ceilings are rarely perfect squares and rectangles. Most buildings experience movement at some point in time and this can be one of many reasons…

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Using your preferred Builders & Decorators for insurance repairs

RM Décor Solutions specialise in Insurance repairs in both the domestic and commercial sectors. From water damage repairs to a complete renovation after fire or flood damage, RM Décor can and will restore your property back to its pre-damaged condition, no matter how bad it may seem right now. Most if not all Insurance companies…

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The importance of preparation in painting and decorating.

Let me start by asking a simple question: Why do we paint? There are three main reasons that have been taught to generations of apprentice painters. Preservation and protection of the building fabric. That outer coating is the first line of defence against the elements or internal environment. You have a clean and cleanable surface…

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The skills shortage and the rising cost of construction

The UK construction workforce is an aging one, with over 20% of our tradespeople being over fifty and 15% being in their sixties. The trouble is, as these plasterers, painters and plumbers retire, the same percentage of young people are not entering these professions. Although there are endless opportunities in various trades, many young people…

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Oil Based Paint V’s Water Based Paint: What’s the difference?

I find a lot of customers looking at having there furniture of kitchen units painted seem to believe that water based paints are better to apply, than oil based paints. My experience as a professional specialist furniture painter, is that water based paints are not ideal for furniture or kitchen units Let me explain firstly…

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Understanding Structural Movement

Identification Lengthy cracks need investigating. Distorted internal door frames that cause doors to jam, evident gaps to skirting boards, and floors that slope where walls have settled, are also potential signs of structural movement. Hairline cracking is sometimes evident where internal walls abut main walls. Implications Where cracks are tapered and more than about 3mm…

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Health & Safety

RM Décor Solutions declare their policy is to achieve and maintain a safe and healthy work environment for its employees, you the customer, and all others who may be affected by the Company’s operations. The promotion and preservation of health and safety, the control of pollution and the protection of the environment are of fundamental…

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How to choose the right painter and decorator

Dear Homeowner, Choosing who decorates or improves your home is an important decision. I hope this letter will give you assurance, and assist you to choose the right painter and decorator. Unlike most people in my trade, I have achieved the status of Master Builder. This goes beyond checked or rated and demonstrates my company…

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Coronavirus Covid-19 Update For Customers