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Oil Based Paint V’s Water Based Paint: What’s the difference?

I find a lot of customers looking at having there furniture of kitchen units painted seem to believe that water based paints are better to apply, than oil based paints. My experience as a professional specialist furniture painter, is that water based paints are not ideal for furniture or kitchen units Let me explain firstly…

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Understanding Structural Movement

Identification Lengthy cracks need investigating. Distorted internal door frames that cause doors to jam, evident gaps to skirting boards, and floors that slope where walls have settled, are also potential signs of structural movement. Hairline cracking is sometimes evident where internal walls abut main walls. Implications Where cracks are tapered and more than about 3mm…

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Health & Safety

RM Décor Solutions declare their policy is to achieve and maintain a safe and healthy work environment for its employees, you the customer, and all others who may be affected by the Company’s operations. The promotion and preservation of health and safety, the control of pollution and the protection of the environment are of fundamental…

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How to choose the right painter and decorator

Dear Homeowner, Choosing who decorates or improves your home is an important decision. I hope this letter will give you assurance, and assist you to choose the right painter and decorator. Unlike most people in my trade, I have achieved the status of Master Builder. This goes beyond checked or rated and demonstrates my company…

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When you decide to get works done on your property and require a free quotation take this into account.

Next time you call a self employed tradesman for a quote, and he or she gives you one and you think WOW that’s expensive! Remember this. They have given up a couple of hours of time and used fuel to get to your house to give you that free quotation. They have trained for a…

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Sarah Beeny on Painting & Decorating 

Here’s a quote from TV’s Home and Renovation expert Sarah Beeny. “One of the most undervalued trades, simply because everyone thinks they can do it for themselves. In fact, the paint finish – the bit that is seen – is the one thing that makes all the difference between a good job and a bad…

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Are you happy with your plastering?

Over the last few years we’ve noticed a lot of so called plasterers making a Sour’s ear of works that we have then been asked to paint. Customers who pay good money for a decent job, later find out that once we have applied a first/mist coat, their ceiling or walls are as wavy as…

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Tarmac Restorer for Driveways, Car Parks, Playgrounds and Tennis Courts

Here’s a great tip if you need to repair and restore tarmac driveways – use Tarmaseal! Smartseal Tarmac sealer is a superb easy to apply Tarmac restorer designed to rejuvenate and transform tired tarmac. Tarmaseal is far superior to a tarmac paint and offers a cost effective alternative to a full replacement of a driveway.…

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Knowing what paint to use on your walls

It became apparent to me recently, that people I meet in business and personally have such a broad range of skills and knowledge. What might be simple and easy for one person is complex and confusing to another. This has prompted me to start a blog. A place to write about the things I have…

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Top Tips To Boost Your Home’s Value Before A Sale

Top tips to boost home value with the help of expert RM Décor Solutions painters and decorators. If you’re thinking about selling your home in the next year or two, you’ll naturally be hoping to get as much money for it as possible. That means you may need to come up with some creative ways…

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Coronavirus Covid-19 Update For Customers