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Why is the paint on my walls now bubbling

Freshly painted walls can bubble or ‘blister’  within an hour or it could take much longer, but there’s always a good reason why. A stable coat of paint is one that has good adhesion to the surface below, be that newly painted plaster or a wall that has had several coats of paint applied previously…

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Why is the paint on my wall crackling?

It can be so disappointing if you’ve spent hours redecorating only to find the paint later starts crackling. Cracking paint is caused when a dry layer of paint splits away from one or more coats of paint below. As paint ‘tightens’ as it drys, it’s important that all the previous layers of paint have had…

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Condition of existing walls and ceilings, lined or unlined

When you are thinking of decorating any room or a staircase in your home, please be aware that if your decorator gives you advice on walls or ceiling that have previously been lined, you may incur a problem on the surface beneath. Clients should note the following Unless specifically mentioned, no provision would be made…

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So Why Reduce Your Price?

Know your VALUE and YOUR SKILL and you will quickly learn WHO YOUR CLIENTS ARE. Price is based on experience and skill. Both go hand in hand. If you have no experience then skill is low, price is low. Lots of skill and experience means price should be high. Hence why pricing posts are pointless…

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Damp and Condensation

Damp and condensation are common problems in a wide range of properties; Housing Associations, Leisure Centres, Schools, Industrial Premises and Domestic Properties all suffer to some extent. There are several methods to control the problems, but ideally one needs to discover the source of the problem. Then it can be treated using the correct control…

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How to Keep Paint Brushes and Rollers From Drying Out

Wrap your paintbrush or roller in aluminium foil to prevent drying out overnight or cover it in plastic wrap for a shorter period of time. Whether you’re a DIY or professional painter, it’s smart to maximize the use of your roller or brush. Part of saving money (and the environment) means know how to keep…

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False economies, cheapest isn’t always the best approach

THE CHEAPEST IS NOT ALWAYS THE BEST When it comes to painting and decorating of any project for any sector, I would always look to provide impartial, honest and practical advice. It appears that we have become consumed with a disposable society of cutting corners and sometimes looking for the cheapest. I remember growing up…

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Staying safe during the Covid-19 Crisis – Update

Statement Quotations/ Health and safety We would like to inform our prospective customers that all our quotations will now include a risk assessment and method statement. This is to ensure our customers are informed and assured that we will take the utmost care whilst working with you, inside and outside of your property. We will…

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The ideal interior painters and decorators

Here at RM Décor, I have built a great reputation over the years for hand painting kitchens and furniture, but we are also interior painters and decorators and have the same reputation in transforming client’s homes into beautiful interiors. From hanging the latest luxury wallpapers to intricate paint effects, whether it is decorating one room…

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Farrow and Ball Paints – How Light Affects Colour

East & West Facing Rooms It is useful to consider whether you’ll use an east or west-facing room more in the morning or the afternoon so that you can tailor your colour choice to the type of light you will most often experience. Light in west-facing spaces is cooler in the morning then filled with…

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Coronavirus Covid-19 Update For Customers